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I Now Wear a Mask to Market – Adekunle on Being Famous

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Adekunle Olopade, a two-time Big Brother Naija finalist, has confessed that he has been difficult to adjust to celebrity life since the reality program concluded.
He stated that he has had difficulty returning to his normal life after leaving the BBNaija All Stars house.

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Adekunle stated that he is now a new person who must adjust to celebrity, which has caused him to limit his usage of public transportation and cover his face when visiting markets, among other things.

For security considerations, the 29-year-old former banker realized that he would have to abandon some aspects of his previous way of life.

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When asked how he handles his celebrity, Adekunle replied, “I will be completely honest with you.” I’m finding it tough to adjust because one of the responsibilities of being a media figure is learning how to live.

Unfortunately, I am a very different person; I like to do things differently, and admitting this now implies that I may not be able to do so again. I always wear a face mask when I go to Balogun and Tinubu markets. I swiftly enter the market and return.

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I used to go to the market by myself when I was running my business. So, after leaving the house for a few months and returning, I noticed that a lot had changed. It was difficult for me to acclimate to it. I was available when I needed to connect.

I used to utilize public transportation, go to the market, or stand at the bus stop because I wanted to feel like a regular person. I knew that some items would have to go for security concerns. The pace is slower, but I have to acclimate to it.”

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