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“I am not a flawless musician,” Shallipopi acknowledges

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Shallipopi, also known as Crown Uzama, is a Nigerian singer who has acknowledged that he is not a “perfect musician.”

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He claimed to have vibes and to be “street lingual,” but he is neither a “perfect” singer nor lyricist.

The vocalist of “Obapluto” claimed that this is the reason he signed musicians to his recently established record label, Plutomania Records, even if they are better than him.

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Shallipopi stated, “I never wanted to sign anybody at first but the thing is that I know people that are better at singing,” in an interview with the most recent episode of the Zero Conditions podcast.

“I am not allowed to sign someone who I am superior to. Even if I’m not very skilled at singing, I can keep my tone. I’m not the ideal musician, you know—this man has a wild or game voice. That’s not my style as an artist. I identify as a vibe artist. I incorporate street lingo into my songs so that some of my fans can relate to them.

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“I’m a talker, not a rapper,” he continued. My musical preference is talking.”

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