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He’ll be devastated, as they say in the EPL – Forcing Ramsdale out of Arsenal in the next year

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Jamie Carragher, a Liverpool star, has publicly asked Aaron Ramsdale, a goalkeeper for Arsenal, to quit the club during the upcoming January transfer window.

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After Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, Carragher commented on Ramsdale’s continued benching in favor of David Raya.

After Raya made a crucial stop for Arsenal in their North London derby against Tottenham, the veteran defender said, “The England goalkeeper will be absolutely devastated.” He went on to claim that Ramsdale was acting.

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Carragher predicted on Sky Sports that Aaron would leave Arsenal in the new year if offered a chance at a “decent club” and Arsenal were satisfied with the offer.

He has not been a total bust for Arsenal. He has excelled beyond many people’s expectations.

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Arsenal may consider this as an opportunity to make some money off of him. This can be an occurrence in the month of January.

It’s quite rare for a club to have two goalkeepers of equal quality.

I think it was brave of Arteta to do what he did. I understand that it is brutal. But I really doubt Ramsdale will be re-admitted to the squad. Now that Raya has risen to the top, Ramsdale will have to make way. It might happen if Arsenal can sell him in January for a decent price.

In reference to Ramsdale’s response to Raya’s save, Carragher said, “You know when someone loses the Oscar and they are clapping and happy for the other person? When I first saw that, I had to laugh. It will be a devastating blow to him.

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