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Governor Oyebanji urges compassion and assistance for the families of war veterans

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On Tuesday, Nigerians were urged by Ekiti State Governor Biodun Oyebanji to protect their nation’s territorial integrity while expressing sympathy to the families of those who lost their lives or sustained injuries in combat.

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In Ado Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti State, Oyebanji spoke at the launch of an emblem and appeal fund in honor of the 2024 Armed Forces Remembrance Day.

Deputy Governor Monisade Afuye spoke on behalf of Governor Oyebanji, who said that the nation needed to show them how much it appreciated the people who sacrificed their lives to stabilize the country or became disabled as a result of their efforts.

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The governor declared: “We as a people cannot over-celebrate our armed forces personnel for their contributions to national security and unity, whether they are serving or have retired, living or dead.”

“Some of these patriots had injuries and other health issues upon their return from war, leaving their families to deal with hardship, despair, and occasionally extreme poverty.

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“Thousands of military troops are stationed around the nation and abroad, maintaining and defending peace in the name of Nigeria, as I speak. We must never forget these cops’ bravery and alertness.

“So, in addition to honoring the fallen heroes, we’re here to raise money to support the immediate families of the war veterans,” he continued.

As law-abiding inhabitants of our nation, our goal and concern should be to maintain our peaceful coexistence. Since some of the harm and injuries brought about by the civil war and other violent events in the nation are still raw in our memories, the negative impacts of war and turmoil are impossible to measure.

The governor urged Nigerians to prioritize maintaining peace and to abstain from any actions that may fuel discord or strife.

Col. Atoki Abdurasaq (retd), the Nigerian Legion’s chairman for Ekiti State, stated in his speech that Nigeria should never stop honoring the brave troops who gave up their comforts, lives, and energy to preserve the country’s sovereignty.

The launch of the insignia is intended to raise money to assist the families of those who lost their lives defending our country in battle. In order to ensure that their sacrifices are not in vain, this is the finest honor we can bestow onto their families,” he stated.

Donations to the 2024 Armed Forces Remembrance Day Emblem and Appeal Fund were made by Governor Oyebanji, his deputy, State Executive Council members, chairmen of local governments, and the service chiefs who attended the occasion.


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