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Ekweremadu Opens Up About Organ Harvesting: Why I Looked for a Kidney Donor Outside My Family

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Former Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu told a London court that his doctor warned him not to look for a kidney donor among his family members.
Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice, are facing charges in the United Kingdom for allegedly luring a young Nigerian man to harvest his organ for their ill daughter, Sonia, who is also on trial.

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The congressman was detained last year and was in the custody of UK police after the young man complained about their purported plans to harvest his organ.

According to the Daily Mail, the young man, a Lagos trader, was to be awarded for Ekweremadu Opens Up About Organ Harvesting: Why I Looked for a Kidney Donor Outside My Family ask one of the professionals you were consulting w Ekweremadu, on the other hand, claimed he had “limited intelligence,” a claim denied by the prosecution, who added, “That is ridiculous. You are not deficient in intelligence.”

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Davies went on to say,

“The truth is that you didn’t even invite Sonia’s cousins, for example, to consider acting as donors.

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“You’re saying you had no intention of anyone in your family, direct or extended, stepping up to donate a kidney to Sonia.

“It’s far preferable to buy one and leave the medical risk to someone you don’t know.”

In response, Ekweremadu stated that it was “not accurate” that he consented to obtain a donor through the use of agents.

Davies replied,

“The communication pattern reflects

There was no human dialogue or touch, as you might expect if you and your family thought (the potential donor) was a good Samaritan.”

“Not true,” Ekweremadu said again.

Davies stated,

“The transplant with (the donor), not having gone ahead, you and your family then immediately sought to recruit more donors for reward, shifting jurisdiction out of the UK to Turkey.

“It also failed since even that donor had not been properly educated to give fake replies when interviewed.”

“These are not the facts,” the defendant said, dismissing the prosecutor’s claims.

Davies went on to say,

“You did not abandon the Royal Free clinical team due to a lack of skill.

“When another donor was needed, you swiftly attempted to shift the clinical process to another donor.”


Asked why the Ekweremadus had been prepared to abandon a “internationally recognised centre of excellence” in London for an unknown quantity in Turkey, the congressman replied Sharply, stating treatment in Turkey was “cheaper”.

Mr. Davies replied,

“You wanted to save money by cutting corners on your daughter’s clinical outcome? Senator, you were a wealthy guy.”

The defendant, who owns hundreds of houses in Nigeria and Dubai and sends his children to private schools, denied being affluent, according to the Daily Mail.

Davies stated,

“That is not correct. Consider how many properties you possess.”

Meanwhile, Ekweremadu remains in detention as the Old Bailey trial of his family and a medical “middleman,” Dr Obinna Obeta, proceeds.

if a family member If a family member is willing to give a kidney.”

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