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‘Gov Umo Eno and I are inseparable,’ he says. – Emmanuel, former governor of Akwa Ibom

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Udom Emmanuel, the immediate past governor of Akwa Ibom State, has dispelled the myth that he was feuding with his successor, Umo Eno.

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Emmanuel remarked during a Christmas worship session at United Evangelical Church (QIC), Awa Iman, Onna LGA, in his birthplace, said he was cognizant of avoiding any move that could lead to friction with his successor, adding that he prays for the governor’s prosperity every day.

“Don’t worry about what people say,” he says. We’re getting along great. If I attend a state ceremony, they would say he comes too much; if I don’t, they will say ‘they are quarrelling, that is why he has refused to come,’ but they forget that Udom Emmanuel and the Governor are inseparable.

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“I will always give him (Governor Eno) any help I can to help him succeed.” Every day, I wish for his success.”

However, the governor, Pastor Eno, who led state council members and other stakeholders to the service, praised ex-governor Emmanuel as an extraordinary leader who would not meddle in his government but was always eager to offer advice.

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He added that his predecessor had never put him under any kind of pressure since taking office, emphasizing that he was the one following him.

“On the contrary, we are the ones chasing him to ask him to always come around to advise us.” He stated.

Governor Eno declared that the Akwa Ibom State International Christian Worship Center, which was built under Mr. Emmanuel’s reign, is now complete and will be used for the New Year’s State Interdenominational Service on January 2nd, 2024.

He explained that the center will be open every day because a pastor and his team will take turns praying for the state and the country at the state’s hallowed altar on a daily basis.

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