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DSS provides an update on the incident at Garki Market

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The Nigerian government’s Department of State Services (DSS) claims to have formed an internal investigation team to clarify the circumstances surrounding the recent shooting at Abuja’s Garki Market.

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According to JANESCOPE’s reporting, chaos ensued in the market last week after secret police officers reportedly invaded the area in order to make an arrest and opened fire on unsuspecting sellers.

Two merchants, one of whom was a tailor, were severely hurt.

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The service recently “visited the two injured persons at the various hospitals where they are receiving treatment,” according to a statement released on Thursday by the secret police spokesperson, Peter Afunanya.

The statement also confirmed that police have detained DSS employees suspected of involvement in the shooting.

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Despite the arrests, it has promised that it will not obstruct the police probe.

It has made necessary deposits in this regard,” it says in the statement, referring to the money that would be paid to cover medical expenses. At the times of the visits, the Service demonstrated its seriousness by offering to relocate the patients to its state-of-the-art medical facility in Abuja. It could have done these things even if none of its employees were involved.

The Service is making these efforts because it feels the victims deserve compassion, financial help, and justice; this is in no way an admission of guilt (the inquiry is ongoing).

It will keep tabs on their progress and health as long as it is in touch with their loved ones on a consistent basis. The DSS, however, assures the general public that the victims are optimistic and making good progress in their recovery.

For the record, “the Service has not interfered with the investigation of the Police,” who are also holding members of the Service’s own staff who are suspected of involvement in the incident.

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