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Despite JAMB fraud, a Nigerian businessman reaffirms his commitment to sponsor Mmesoma

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Gaius Chibueze, a Nigerian entrepreneur and crypto investor known as BitcoinChief, has renewed his scholarship offer to Mmesoma Ejike despite the latest discoveries on her JAMB results.

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Remember that the issue of Anambra’s JAMB candidate has been making waves on the internet due to allegations of UTME result fabrication with a phony application.

Chibueze, on the other hand, stated in a Twitter post that his offer of a scholarship to an American, British, or Canadian university remains valid.

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According to him, Mmesoma’s alleged illegality was not treated in the same way that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) swore in President Bola Tinubu, who did not win an election.

The BitcoinChief went on to say that he would educate Mmesoma on her mistakes and tell her that one’s JAMB score does not determine one’s future or how they will fare in life.

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The Nigerian millionaire went on to say that there are many negative examples in the country from which the teenager copied, and that such people must be dealt with first.

“I will continue to sponsor Mmesoma,” he says. It’s not my problem if she consented or not. Assume that illegality was not overtly celebrated, such as INEC swearing in a President who did not win the Elections, a President with a Forged Certificate and no record of Primary to University Education, and so on.

“Young people will see no reason to forge certificates and openly celebrate.” While dealing with this, we must consider the entire society.

“If we’re going to accept, celebrate, and defend a President who rigged the election with a forged certificate, we can’t also destroy Little Girl’s future with a forged certificate.”

“I will personally call her and explain that JAMB numbers do not define how far she can go in life and that she should not bother forging one the next time.”

“God is the only thing that can stop Mmesoma.” She will attend school in America, the United Kingdom, or Canada for the rest of her life. Nothing less will suffice. You can cry all you want, but I’ll fund her. “I believe in the power of a second chance.”

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