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CERN 120 Internships in Switzerland 2023-24 (Fully Funded)

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CERN 120 Internships for International Students 2023-24:

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CERN 120 Internships 2023-24 in Switzerland are now accepting applications. All International Students from CERN member nations can apply for a CERN Internship in Switzerland between 2023 and 2024.

The CERN Internship Program provides fully funded internships in Geneva for undergraduate and master’s students. The CERN Technical Student Program is open to applicants. These are the programs for Short Internships. Apply for the Guangxi Normal University CSC Scholarship 2023-24 in China as well (Fully Funded).

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CERN offers a variety of internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to spend their summers in Switzerland.

To apply for the CERN Short Internship Programs, you do not need to have IELTS or TOEFL. The internship lasts 4 to 12 months. CERN will pick 120 students from around the world for this internship. Selected applicants will gain additional knowledge in a diverse environment.

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Internships at CERN 120 in 2023-24 Details:

  • CERN provides this service.
  • Duration: 4–12 months
  • Number of Awards: 120
  • Financial support: 100%
  • Award Country: Switzerland
  • The deadline is March 27, 2023.

Financial Advantages:

CERN 120 Internships 2023-24 in Switzerland is a full-fee program for international students in Geneva, Switzerland. The following are the specific expenses that are covered:

  • A 4- to 12-month association contract to work on a                  Technical Project.
  • A monthly allowance of 3305 Swiss Francs will be provided.
    Round-trip Airline Tickets Allowance for travel to and from        Geneva.
  • Health Insurance Program.
  • Assistance in Locating a Place to Stay.
  • Paid leave ranges from 2 to 5 days per month.

Internship at CERN in Switzerland:

If you are a student studying Applied Physics, Electrical or Electronics Engineering, General or Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics and Robotics, Material and Surface Science, or Mechanical Engineering.

If you are looking for a practical training period or a location to complete your final project, you could spend 4 to 12 months at CERN Switzerland Internship while studying (Bachelor’s or Master’s).

Fields That Are Available:

  • Physics in Action
  • Engineering in Electrical
  • Engineering in Mechanical
  • IT stands for information technology.
  • Mathematics\sRobotics
  • Electronics General Engineering or Civil Engineering
  • Surface and Material Science

Criteria for Eligibility:

To be eligible for the Internship, the applicant must be a national of any CERN Member or Associate Member State.

You have finished at least 18 months of Undergraduate Studies (Bachelor’s or Master’s).

You can stay full-time as a full-time student for at least four and up to twelve months.

You are fluent in either English or French.

Documents Needed:

To complete your application, you will need the following papers, clearly labeled (e.g. “CV,” “Motivation letter,” “Academic transcript,” etc.) and in PDF format:

A curriculum vitae. How Do I Create a Resume?

A copy of your most current academic transcript is required, as is

a reference letter from your university professor.

The application deadline is:

The application deadline for the CERN Internship Program in Switzerland 20223-24 is March 27, 2023. Please apply as soon as feasible.

How Do I Apply for Internships at CERN 120?

To apply for the CERN 120 Internships in Switzerland, complete an online application. There is a simple application process. Simply click on the link provided below and choose your desired internship. Following that, you will receive the application form.

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