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Burna Boy Repays Journalist Who Smashes Her $2K Camera: Daddy Freeze Reacts – Read Full Gist

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The young lady was rushing to go interview Burna Boy when she sported her, according to the screenshot posted on the page of Daddy Freeze.

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But the young journalist tripped and broke her expensive $2000 camera.

Burna Boy reportedly requested his accountant to obtain the young journalist’s account information after viewing the damaged camera and then paid for it.

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The message said:

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“While hurrying to interview Burna Boy in Paris today, a teenage journalist on an internship accidentally broke her “Panasonic GH6” camera, which was worth over $2,000.

The African colossus observed this and requested that his accountant give the journalist some money so that he could get a new camera.

When asked why the news didn’t make headlines in Nigeria, media personality Daddy Freeze said that people there were only interested in criticizing the musician.

He stated:

Why won’t Nigerians cover this story? We say, “Na to disparage our own.”

Below is a screenshot of the post:

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