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Dramatic Relocation of Nigerian Couple Abroad with N20 Million Contribution Fund

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According to reports, a Nigerian couple relocated to the UK with the help of N20 million donated by group members who practice thrift.

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They reportedly utilized the funds to book their travel, then vanished to the surprise of the donors to the thrift.

The duo has been proclaimed missing by scam victims, who are requesting information from anyone in the UK who may know where they are.

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Using social media, a person posted a picture and the words;

“If you jam dem for the UK, beg. They are sought after for fleeing with a $20 million savings. No weekend tranquility. the hard-earned money of people.

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Observations are listed below:


Never will people learn.

@Miz Gift;

Running away to the UK with other people’s money seems to be in style right now.


Not just thrift, either—I’ve seen folks accuse them of scamming as well.


Let’s say that 20,000,000 is contributed by everyone.


My friend did her cosmetics, yet she was accused of being a thief.

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