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BUA Promises to Keep Cement Price at N3500 Starting in January

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Alhaji Abdul-Samad Rabiu, Chairman of the BUA Group, stated that the company would keep its pledge to supply cement for N3,500 starting in January 2024.
He made the remarks while interacting with State House Correspondents following a visit to President Bola Tinubu in Lagos on Thursday.

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Despite the hurdles, he stated that the company would make the product accessible and affordable to customers.

“You are aware that we have established a price of N3,500 per bag. You know, x factory plus VAT, and then delivered to clients based on area.

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“As you know, we have two factories: one in Edo and one in Sokoto state.” For example, if you want us to deliver cement from Sokoto to Lagos from Adamawa or Maiduguri, the trip is extremely long.

“It is so dependent on the distance and the location.” You are aware that prices change, but we want to uphold our commitment,” he stated.

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According to Janescope, Rabiu stated that the cement firm site in Sokoto, which is set to open in January 2024, is projected to further grow the country’s market.

“And, as we all know, the combined volumes will be around six million tonnes per annum.” And we anticipate that those volumes will have an effect.

“Though we’re having some issues here and there, but these are issues that I believe we can address and we are addressing them.”

Rabiu stated that his visit to the President was to wish him a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and that it was a good one.

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