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Argelander Scholarships at the University of Bonn in Germany in 2023.

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The University of Bonn – Germany is providing funding for students from Africa, Latin America, and Asia through the Argelander Scholarships in order to promote scientific exchange with partners, particularly in regions that have been relatively marginalized in terms of scientific production, and to promote international cooperation in the priority regions identified in the partnership strategy. The financing is for a minimum of three months and a maximum of twelve months.

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The Argelander Scholarships have the following eligibility requirements:
Candidates must be international doctoral candidates pursuing a doctorate at an African, Latin American, or Asian university or research institute.

Doctoral students already pursuing their Ph.D. at the University of Bonn are eligible.

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No money is available. Funded students should complete their doctorates at their home university (to avoid brain drain).
Africa, South America, and Asia are eligible.

Doctoral degree

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Value of Awards: The funding can be used to cover the following expenses:

A stipend for travel (depending on country of origin)
A € 1,500 monthly scholarship (extra money for accompanying family members: up to € 300 for a spouse and € 250 per child)

A monthly research expense allowance of up to € 300 that can be submitted to the International Office once the scholarship has been approved. Your scholarship award will include information on how to apply for the allowance.
The number of awards is unknown.

Application Procedure: The application must be submitted by a full-time professor at the University of Bonn. Doctoral candidates must present a motivational letter that has been signed.

Form available online
Project description (maximum of 8 pages in PDF):
An outline of the research project that will be undertaken during the individual’s stay in Bonn; please write your proposal for a multidisciplinary audience.
The host’s reasons for inviting the PhD candidate

An idea of how the doctorate candidate will be incorporated at the host institute (place of work, participation in teaching and research activities at the institute), as well as an outline of how the project will be supervised in Bonn.
Doctoral candidate’s CV and motivation letter (PDF)

A financial strategy (please use the following Excel table, download here)

The deadline for applications is May 3, 2023.

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