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“Ara,” Bella Shmurda’s next single, will be bigger than “Cash App” (Listen To The Snippet)

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Bella Shmurda has been sweeping the music business with his distinctive blend of Afro-pop and street rhythms since the release of Vison 2020.
The young Nigerian artist has made waves with tunes like “Cash App,” “Vision 2020,” “World,” “Philo,” and others that have been on everyone’s radios. But now, he’s poised to unleash his next huge hit, and it’s looking like it will be even larger than “Cash App”.
The new song, officially titled “Ara,” is slated to be released on Friday, March 1, 2022, and has been teased on Bella Shmurda’s social media sites. From what we’ve heard, it’s going to be a hit. The video excerpt demonstrates Bella Shmurda’s distinctive enthusiasm.
and catchy hook, accompanied by a tempo that will have you dancing.
With “Cash App” becoming one of the biggest singles in Nigeria in 2020 and “Philo” featuring Omah Lay in 2022, it’s difficult to see how Bella Shmurda can surpass it, but if the clip is any indication, this new track will. The song appears to be departing from his past offerings, with a more lively and danceable vibe that is likely to get people moving.
Listen to the excerpt here.

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