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APC faction takes Kano governor to the UN for intimidation of judges

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The Kano State governor, Abba Yusuf, has been hauled before the UN by the All Progressives Congress Youth Business Community in Kano (APC-YBCK) for allegedly harassing justices.

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The organization called on the international community to impose sanctions on the Kano State administration and its supporters for their threats against the judiciary during a protest that was held on Friday at the UN House in Abuja.

The group’s head, Umar Ladiyo, said that the business sector has been in danger ever since the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) took administration in Kano State in a petition against Yusuf.

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Speaking to reporters, Ladiyo stated that they had come to voice their displeasure with the NNPP-led Kano State government’s demolition of houses valued at billions of naira without following the appropriate legal procedures.

“We are here to appeal to the UN not to allow the NNPP to drag it into the mud,” the speaker stated. We are aware that Abba Yusuf and NNPP supporters have been putting pressure on the world community to become involved in Nigeria’s democratic process by going from one signpost to another.

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Our mission is to uphold the rule of law. Permit the court to use its authority. We are come to inform the UN that the NNPP government in Kano should not be allowed to control them. Nigeria is a sovereign country governed by laws. It has election laws and a constitution.

Since every nation is obligated by its laws, we believe that the UN should permit the Nigerian judiciary to carry out its duties in accordance with those laws in our capacity as global defenders and supporters of democracy.

Therefore, we are pleading with the UN to not overreact. They ought not to pay attention to those unjustified statements made by rival political groups. Since other political parties are endorsing violence, we are requesting that the UN monitor this process.

The organization said that in order to create mayhem if they didn’t get their way, the NNPP-led administration in Kano was enlisting thugs.

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