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According to Fashola, the Second Niger Bridge is complete.

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The second Niger bridge’s construction is now complete, according to Babatunde Fashola, minister of works and housing, and it will soon be made available for use by the general public.

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This was said by Fashola during a news conference in Abuja to submit President Muhammadu Buhari’s scorecard.

He claimed that the link road’s development, which has been hampered by the most recent floods, is the sole thing keeping the road from being put into service.

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“I can attest that the second Niger bridge itself is finished,” he stated.

The bridge can now be crossed by people without obstruction. The Asaba side’s four-kilometer connection road is all that is left.

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“At this time, our dredger is in position, but the recent flood surge has slowed us down because we need to reconstruct the road with reclaimed sand.

The bridge and the Onitsha-Owerri interchange are connected by a 7-kilometer road on the Onitsha side, the minister revealed.

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