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99% of passport applications have been automated. – The Minister

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Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, Minister of Interior, has stated that the automation of passport applications is nearly complete.

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According to him, the new passport application process would be live next week.

According to the minister, this would imply that applicants would only visit immigration passport offices for biometrics and nothing else.

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Tunji-Olo remarked on Channels Television on Tuesday evening, “We specified a date. We predicted December. That’s exactly what we said. I can tell you that we’re almost done. We have, in fact, completed the testing.

“We should go live within the next week or so.” As previously stated, this would ensure that all Nigerians have to do at passport centers is provide biometric information. It’s as simple as taking your fingerprint.

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“Everything else, including uploading your passports, will be done in the comfort of your own home.” It was supposed to go live approximately two weeks ago, but I noticed some mistakes when they came to perform the presentation, so I said no.”

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