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‘You Either Work Or Return Our Money,’ says Sokoto Governor as he locks the government house against staff who are late

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Sokoto State Governor Ahmed Aliyu on Thursday barred the Government House gate against late-arriving workers.

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Aliyu was alleged to have drove himself to Government House at 8:30 a.m., only to discover that the majority of the staff was not present.

According to the Daily Trust, Aliyu met only cleaners and a nurse at the Government House Clinic before ordering the security guards to seal the gate.

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The gate remained closed until around 1pm, with several top workers, including some governor’s advisers, barred from entering.

Governor Aliyu justified his actions by saying, “This is not a joke.” Any responsible government is expected to ensure that workers’ salaries are paid on time. When I first arrived, I paid two months’ salary in three weeks. Because my drivers did not arrive on time, I drove alone to the office. But I won’t tell you what my next plan of action is because you (interviewers) arrived late as well.”

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“I promised the people of Sokoto State that I would not betray their trust, nor would I allow any public officer to do so,” the governor added.

“Either work for us or return our money.” You can’t take our money unless you justify it.”

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