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Women Aren’t Required to Bring Money to the Table – Comedian Alibaba

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Alibaba, a well-known stand-up comedian, has added to the popular discussion about what a woman needs ‘bring to the table’ in a relationship.
He stated that what women contribute to the table should not be restricted to money, but should also include respect, understanding, and relationships, among other things.

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The idea gained traction after Big Brother Naija star Tolanibaj stated that she provides nothing to love relationships other than her body.

However, Alibaba stated on the Honest Bunch Podcast that money does not have to be a priority when describing the traits that women have to offer.

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The ‘King of Comedy’ advised women not to be offended if their significant others inquired about their contributions.

“What you bring to the table does not have to be cash,” he explained. Understanding, respect, and money management are sometimes required.

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“I have a friend who mentioned that he asked a lady one time after they’d been dating and he said, you know, I’ve really looked at this relationship and I want to know what you’re bringing, and the lady was like, why would you ask me what you’re bringing?”

“He stated that some people will bring understanding to the table, and that is all that is important.” Some people will bring words of encouragement.”

“There was one time they came to arrest one guy,” Alibaba continued. What did the lady bring to the party? She contacted one person, then another, and said, “Don’t worry… like 30 minutes later, the vehicle that took him brought him back to the house.”

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