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We are one state, from Bago to Nigerlites; think about it

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The Governor of Niger State, Hon. Umar Bago, has urged the people of Niger to put aside their differences and concentrate on the things that bring them together as a people.

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Bago delivered this proclamation at the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, Minna, during the 63rd Independence Day prayer session hosted by the Niger State branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

In a message delivered by Mrs. Elizabeth Shaba, the state’s Commissioner for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), the governor promised to do everything in his power to expedite the growth of the state’s numerous economic sectors.

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He pledged that the state will “do everything possible” to realize its objectives. But our national solidarity is of paramount importance.

State Chairman of CAN Most Rev. Dr. Bulus Dauwa Yohanna stressed the importance of unity in his opening remarks, saying that despite Nigeria’s difficulties, the country is stronger when its people work together.

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In his sermon titled “Let Us Focus on What Unites Us More as a People,” he urged the congregation to think about “what unites us as a people rather than what divides us” as they prayed for the country on that day and every day.

“I urge you to use the Independence Day celebration to have a deeper and sober reflection on what the nation has gone through in the past decades,” he said. “I am sure we will have more reasons to thank God.”

The minister continued by urging believers to pray for government officials, specifically for the knowledge and fortitude to manage diversity that God would grant to those in positions of authority.

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