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Seun Egbegbe Discloses His Relationship With Toyin Abraham And His Prison Time

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Olajide Kareem, better known by his stage as Seun Egbegbe, has spoken up about his time in jail as well as his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Toyin Abraham.

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According to Naijaloaded, Egbegbe was freed from prison after serving around six years.

According to reports, the socialite who gained notoriety for his romance with Toyin Abraham was left behind by his buddies when his problems started.

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Seun claimed in a recent interview with the BBC that his imprisonment was actually a blessing in disguise because it let him distinguish between his enemies and his true friends.

He believed that people around him were his friends, and he asserted that if he hadn’t been sent to prison, he would have had a pointless life.

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He stated:

“After I had that problem, I discovered who I had thought were my friends were actually my adversaries. There are too many enemies surrounding me, so some people won’t believe any of my explanations, and they’ll keep telling me it’s a lie, but I’m grateful for life anyhow.

My eyes were opened to a couple things when I was there, therefore I think God had a reason for directing me to that location.

I didn’t commit the crime for which I spent six years in prison, but I’m glad I went there to learn what it means to live on earth. The majority of those who were around me were my opponents, not my friends.

I would have led a life of no value if this hadn’t happened because I consider those around me to be my friends.

The ex-convict said that he would like not to discuss his relationship with his old sweetheart in order to respect her marriage.

He stated:

“I’d prefer not to comment on Toyin Abraham. Let’s show her respect. I’m pleased for her that she’s married and has a child. May the devil never break her relationship with her husband.

Despite being imprisoned since 10 February 2017, Egbegbe’s trial didn’t start until 10 May 2017, when more than 30 BDC employees showed up in court to testify against him.

He allegedly defrauded no fewer than 40 Bureau De Change employees in Lagos between 2015 and 2017, according to the police.

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