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Ronaldo Disses MLS, Says Saudi League Is Better Than That While Messi Signs With Inter Miami

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Cristiano Ronaldo, a striker for Al Nassr, has said that the Saudi Pro League is superior to the MLS.

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Ronaldo made these remarks only a few days after Lionel Messi, his perennial adversary, signed with Inter Miami.

This summer, Messi left PSG and became a free agent, passing up a move to Saudi Arabia that would have rekindled his rivalry with Ronaldo.

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Ronaldo, however, is adamant that he made the right decision and cites the influx of players to the Middle East as evidence.

It’s MLS all the way down: the Saudi league is that good.

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For the Saudi league, I paved the road. and everyone’s going to be here soon,”

As Ronaldo put it.

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