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Ronaldo Disses MLS, Says Saudi League Is Better Than That While Messi Signs With Inter Miami

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Cristiano Ronaldo, a striker for Al Nassr, has said that the Saudi Pro League is superior to the MLS.

Ronaldo made these remarks only a few days after Lionel Messi, his perennial adversary, signed with Inter Miami.

This summer, Messi left PSG and became a free agent, passing up a move to Saudi Arabia that would have rekindled his rivalry with Ronaldo.

Ronaldo, however, is adamant that he made the right decision and cites the influx of players to the Middle East as evidence.

It’s MLS all the way down: the Saudi league is that good.

For the Saudi league, I paved the road. and everyone’s going to be here soon,”

As Ronaldo put it.

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