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Osun ranked second in hemp cultivation, according to the NDLEA

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The Osun State Command of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, has requested public assistance in its efforts to reduce illicit drug use.

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Ganiyu Adeloye, the NDLEA Assistant State Commander, made the appeal while speaking to members of the Osun Command of the Nigeria Hunters and Forest Security Service, NHFSS, on Monday in Osogbo.

Adeloye remarked at a workshop organized by the Service’s leadership that producers of Indian hemp had purposefully made some areas in Ilesa town inaccessible.

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He also asked the hunters to help the agency clear the state of illegal drug crops.

“Osun is currently ranked second in Indian hemp cultivation in the South West,” he says. We request the assistance of hunters in the field of intelligence, which could lead to the arrest and seizure of illegal drugs.

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“Members of the group have proven to be valuable partners for the NDLEA due to their knowledge of various hidden routes and their almost ubiquitous presence across the state.” We urge you to set a good example for locals by not using illegal drugs.

“If we make it impossible for people to use hard drugs, we will see a significant reduction in criminal activity and other vices in our society.”

“That is why we urge hunters to always report criminal activities to us because they are always privy to information in their various localities and know all the nooks and crannies of various communities better than NDLEA officers.”

“Hunters have access to information in minutes that we won’t see for another three or four years.” It is with regret that I inform you that Osun State has been placed second in the South West among states that cultivate Indian hemp.

“It is unfortunate because nearly all states in Nigeria have airports, but Osun, which does not have an airport, was ranked second in hemp cultivation, and I know our mothers and fathers in the communities are aware of this development because they are the ones who give them land on which to cultivate it.”

“You lease your farmland to the highest bidder because they offer the highest price in comparison to someone who wants to grow food crops.” You would not be able to ask for what they want to produce with the money they offered you. According to what I’ve heard, some people are even providing protection for Indian hemp plantations.”

Adeleye said that farmland that has been used to grow Indian hemp cannot be used for any other crop for 15 years.

“The perpetrators would have harvested their produce and used the proceeds to better their lives and that of their community while they would have desecrated our land,” he went on to say.

In his welcome address, the NHFSS Osun State Commander, Nureni Ahmed, stated that the workshop was organized to identify areas of collaboration between the two organizations due to increased crime rates across the state.

He also stated that the NHFSS is ready to assist the NDLEA in its fight against the illicit drug trade in the state.

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