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Olisa Metuh leaves the PDP and declares he will no longer engage in partisan politics

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Former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) national publicity secretary Olisa Metuh has resigned from the organization.

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His letter of resignation, announcing his departure from partisan politics, was written to PDP national chairman Iyorchia Ayu.

He added that his choice would allow him to make greater contributions to effective government.

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In the letter, it is said that “during my three-week journey for personal and medical reasons, I came to the realization that I can no longer play partisan politics in Nigeria.”

“The rationale for this choice is because, based on my experience and my knowledge of Nigerian politics and development, I feel that, by remaining impartial, I will be able to do more to advance Nigeria’s democracy and system of good government.

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“Being non-partisan offers me the freedom to operate without being constrained by partisanship for the strategic interest and welfare of the Nigerian people.

“In that sense, I formally inform you via letter that I have left the PDP and will no longer engage in partisan politics.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my PDP membership and am still pleased to be the longest-serving member of the National Executive Committee, having been elected to hold multiple national positions at six successive National Conventions of the Party. I shall treasure the principles and values that our nation’s founding fathers taught us at the outset of our fledgling democracy.

Any future involvement in politics will be restricted to nonpartisan efforts to uphold and improve democracy and governance in Nigeria and throughout the world.

The nation cannot afford the resentment and division that may result from a lack of issue-based engagement in our political sphere, so I beg that you will continue to insist on it.

I sent a copy of my resignation to my ward chairman in accordance with the PDP’s bylaws. God be with us everyone.

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