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“Nearly every Nigerian possesses tribal traits” – Oap Omotayo

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Gbadebo Vivour, the Labour Party’s governorship candidate, has been dogged by controversies concerning his right to run in the state.
In lieu of this, Omotayo of Lagos, an on-air media personality, has claimed that most Nigerians are tribalistic in character.
Taking to the microblogging platform, the OAP remarked that tribalism is present in practically every Nigerian and that there is nothing wrong with it.
According to her, there is nothing wrong with preferring one’s tribe over others and defending one’s ancestry.
She went on to say that tribalism becomes unhealthy when it becomes unhealthy, which is what she is concerned about.
“Forget about online concealment,” she says.
can tell you for free that practically every Nigerian have a bit of tribalism in them and I honestly don’t find anything wrong with that, there is no shame in loving your tribe safeguarding your history, I just have issues with those that are extremists”.

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