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Kogi Government inquiries Over suspected political politics, the monarch

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Alhaji Abdulrasaq Gambo Isa Koto, the Ohimege-Igu Koton-Karfi and Chairman of the Kogi Local Government Traditional Council, has been questioned by the Kogi State Government for allegedly participating in partisan politics during the state’s recently concluded gubernatorial election.

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Barr. Salami Momodu Ozigi Deedat, the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, signed the inquiry letter.

The letter states: “The State Government has learned that you participated in partisan politics on purpose.

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This is taken extremely seriously, particularly since it appears that you put your domain’s security at risk through your actions, involvement in partisan politics, and supervision, to the point where a crisis broke out under your direction and resulted in the murder of an innocent young woman and multiple injuries.

“Your flagrant behavior is a sad contradiction to the role you should play as the esteemed Royal Father of your status. What is more concerning is your lack of concern when your actions compromised the State’s highly desired peace and security.

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Given the foregoing, you are thus required to provide a written justification for why disciplinary action shouldn’t be taken against you in a timely manner, no later than 48 hours. When a panel is assembled by the State Government to review your case, you can also be asked to provide oral explanations.

“Your Royal Majesty, you are advised to give the contents of this letter priority attention.”




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