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I refuse to drink alcohol, even if N50 billion is provided. The vocalist Sexy Steel

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The widely known as Sexy Steel, Abbey Abuede, is a Nigerian singer who has sworn never to drink alcohol—not even if an alcohol business provides him N50 billion.

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The multitalented performer claims that he has never smoked or consumed alcohol.

He claimed that since he abstains from drinking, he previously lost a significant sponsorship agreement.

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In a recent episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, actor Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, also known as Nedu, co-hosted with actress Sexy Steel.

“I have lost one really big deal because I don’t drink alcohol,” he declared. Back when Guinness Extra Smooth was out, that was all. I declined, but eventually they made 2Face their ambassador. I was modeling after that. When we got there, they put Guinness in the glass we were supposed to drink for the advertisement, but I demanded that they switch it to a soft drink, and they refused. I was the one that was shortlisted for the job.

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They informed me that I had to be consuming their alcoholic beverage in order for me to represent their brand. And I chose not to. The money was so big that they thought I was kidding. I didn’t want to do it.

“I saw the brand manager at the Eko Hotel a few years later. When I got off stage, he dispatched someone to give me a call. I told him I didn’t remember him when he asked whether I did. And he began bragging to people that I was the one who helped him realize that material wealth wasn’t everything.

When his co-star ID Cabasa questioned Sexy Steel if he would accept the same offer if it came up again, the actor replied, “Cabasa, even if it’s N50 billion, I would not drink.” I am informing you. I have values.

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