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How BBNaija housemates nominated Ilebaye, Doyin, and Venita for eviction from the reality show

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On Monday, the Big Brother All Stars housemates nominated three of their fellow contestants for eviction on Sunday.

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Ike and Seyi were voted off the show last week after being nominated.

There are now thirteen contestants in the house.

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Earlier, Sholzy was named Head of House for the week, while Adekunle was granted immunity by selecting the black envelope card.

However, WhiteMoney chose a black card, making him an immediate target for eviction.

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Housemates nominated in the following ways;

Mercy, Alex, and Doyin, from Adekunle

Neo, Doyin, Venita, says Alex.

Venita, Neo, and Soma are Doyin.

llebaye; Doyin; Soma; Ceec

Kim, llebaye, and Angel of NeoEnergy

Kim, Venita, Doyin, Ilebaye, Angel

Thanks, Alex, llebaye, and NecEnergy!

Forgiveness: Neo, Doyin, and Kirn Oprah

llebaya: Kim Oprah, Pere, and Venita

To the Venita: Doyin, Alex, and Mercy

Cees, llebaye, Venita, White Money

Somo, Ceec, llebaye, the cross

Doyin, Kim Oprah, and Mercy on the Soma

WhiteMoney (an automatic nominee), Ilebaye, KimOprah, Venita, and Doyin were the housemates with the most nominations in the finale.

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