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Complainant bursts into tears and begs on behalf of the convict in court

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A fictitious complainant, James Bassey, broke down in tears at a Chief Magistrates’ Court in Badagry, Lagos state, on Wednesday, July 12, to ask for leniency for a dry cleaner, Pius Savoir, who was sentenced to one month in prison for stealing a pressing iron and N20,000.

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ASP Ikem Uko, the prosecutor’s counsel, told the court that the convict committed the crime on July 6, at 7:00 p.m., at Yeponnawa Str. Church-Gate, Lagos.

Uko claimed the convict took a pressing iron and N20,000 from the complainant, Bassey. According to the prosecution, the offense violated Section 287 of the Lagos Criminal Law of 2015.

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Following his guilty plea and presentation of the facts of the case, Chief Magistrate Patrick Adekomaiya condemned Savior today, July 12. Adekomaiya emphasized that the convict was a first-time offender and that the judge would be lenient.

As a result, the Magistrate condemned Savior to one month in prison, with seven days in prison and the remaining three weeks spent at Morogbo Police Station, where he would report everyday for community service.

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Immediately after the Magistrate issued her decision, Bassey fell into tears and begged the criminal to be pardoned.

“My Lord, I have no wife or children; it is this convict who always looks after me.” He used to help me with all of my domestic chores and massage me, but his tendency of taking my belongings has become too much for me, which is why I reported him after he stole my money and pressing iron. If you imprison him now, no one will help me, and this could lead to my death,” he said.

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