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‘Almajiri politicians,’ says Olayinka of those calling for Fayose’s removal from the PDP

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Lere Olayinka, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Ekiti State, has slammed some party members who are pushing for the suspension of former Governor of the state, Ayo Fayose.

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In a statement made on Thursday, the PDP chieftain and House of Representatives candidate for Ekiti Central Federal Constituency in the previous election accused some party members of suffering from the election’s aftermath.

Olayinka claimed that the PDP has lost “political steam” in the state, attributing the situation to weak leadership by some individuals he referred to as “political almajiris.”

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“I would have ignored those people whose horizon is not beyond making noise to attract the usual political Kobo Kobo,” he remarked.

“However, it has become necessary to inform them that their harvesting season has ended and they must seek alternative employment.”

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“This is a party that has lost its political steam, and those in charge should start shedding their arrogant garb so that the party does not collapse completely.”

“It is either that the political almajiris in Ekiti, who have never won an election without Fayose, have yet to realize that, unlike in the past, no one is struggling to be a member of the PDP, or they are simply playing to the gallery so that their political ATM can provide the usual crumbs.”

According to the SAREWA HAUSA, Fayose was already suspended from the party for alleged anti-party conduct during the 2023 general elections.

The National Working Committee, NWC, overturned his ban a few days later.

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