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Abia will redirect $2 billion in relief funds to the transportation sector

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The government of Abia State, according to the state’s commissioner, plans to use the two billion naira it received from the federal government to improve public transportation.

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This information was shared with the press on Tuesday by Okey Kanu, the Commissioner for Information and Culture.

He explained that the strategy was developed to cushion the blow to Abian households from the elimination of the gasoline subsidy.

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He said that Abians would soon have an easy way to travel within the State, and that further information regarding the system’s intended use would be made public.

He reported that the Federally donated bags of rice have been dispersed throughout the State’s numerous political wards.

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The Commissioner declared that the administration of Abia State, in addition to the federally provided palliative programs, will launch its own.

After 100 days in office, Governor Alex Otti is expected to quietly commission finished government projects like roads and hospitals, according to the communications and culture ministry.

Reverend Fr. Christian Anokwuru, governor Otti’s special adviser on policy and interventions, added that the Federal government had provided Abia with 16,800 bags of rice, all of which had been distributed to the state’s 184 political wards.

He said that of the 90 bags of rice allotted to each ward, 55 had been distributed thus far.

Anokwuru promised that each of Abia’s wards will receive 35 additional sacks of rice at the end of the week.

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