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A 24 Year Old UNIPORT Student Killed His Girlfriend Over Their Use Of Kayanmata

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University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) senior Victor Ochonogor, 24, is accused of stabbing his girlfriend, Success Regha, to death.
This happened in Benin City, Edo state, on Sapele Road near Ogheghe Quarters at number 10 Osahon Street.

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On Tuesday in Benin, State Commissioner of Police Muhammed Dankwara revealed that the 24-year-old had been apprehended.

It was reported to the police, he said, by the suspect’s landlord, Emmanuel Momoh.

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It has been reported that Ochonogor, a student of Applied and Industrial Chemistry, and his late girlfriend locked themselves inside the house and began stabbing each other during the ensuing violent altercation.

It was said that the attacker stabbed the victim multiple times in the chest and neck.

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Two bloodstained knives, two iPhones, one Nokia phone, a laptop, and two ATM cards were among the items he said were recovered from the suspect.

The commissioner reported that the knife had been found and that the suspect, who had been injured in the neck, had been sent to Stella Obasanjo Hospital. He would later be charged with murder.

According to Ochonogor, his late sweetheart lived in Asaba but traveled to Benin specifically to spend time with him during their three-year courtship.

She traveled all the way from Asaba to Benin just to see me, and when she was here, I allegedly stumbled upon a demonic substance in her luggage.

After three years of dating, her relatives accused me of kidnapping her. After being with me for so long, I questioned why her relatives would make such accusations.

I’ve seen her with kayamata, and I saw a text in her phone that indicated she was seeing someone else. He later explained to reporters, “We got into an argument, and then a fight broke out between us.

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